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Khushboo Jajodia

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Everyone has been talking about pallazos and actually wearing one too. Tall, short, skinny, chubby, literally everyone. So, it's been in fashion since like more than a year right now, and some of us are still wondering whether we should try it out or not.

Well, I personally would highly recommend you guys to at least give it a shot, not because it's in trend, celebrities are wearing it...blah, I like pallazos because they are very very comfortable and airy. They let your limbs breathe. If not for a formal occasion, you may very well wear it at home with a nice long cotton kurta. Looks good and feels comfy too.

Now, the question is, what are the variations available in the market? Coz, the regular ones don't excite me anymore. So we have the printed ones. I personally love the block printed variety. They definitely stand out.In the above Keyus outfit, we see a shaded plain kurta with a dual color block printed Pallazo. Now, we all know that printed ones are best teamed with plain kurtas. So, go and grab any printed Pallazo and get a plain long kurta stitched to go with it.

We also find the floral printed variety and they always look pretty

 In the above Keyus ensemble (Bhor), we see a pretty mint green kurta with a nice floral Pallazo. Even cotton printed pallazos look good and are great for summers. 

In the above Keyus outfit, we see a vegetable dye fabric used in the pallazos.

Another variant, and my favourite one, are the embroidered pallazos. They look dressy as well as stylish at the same time. Something like the design below from Keyus:

Let us move on to body type. So, it goes without saying that if you are tall, pallazos are a must wear. But, that does not mean that the not-so-tall ones can not wear pallazos. It's just that proportionately it shows more on the taller dames. So, the shorter one can wear less flared pallazos. That gives a more structured look to your body and looks great too.

The question that still remains to be answered is that what's the perfect length for a pallazo? Lot of us make the mistake of buying floor touching ones. However, pallazos should be exactly ankle length, so that our whole foot is visible.

So, guys grab a pair of pallazos for yourself, and let me know how you like them. Stay tuned for our next blog. Have a great day.

Khushboo Jajodia

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