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Khushboo Jajodia

Hello Friends,

Have you ever wondered how to accessorise your Indian wear, while going to parties,wedding, dinner etc. Well, jewellery in the form of earrings, neck pieces etc are always good and readily available too.But, if you really want to stand out in the crowd, go for a stylish,well matched Potli.

As we all know, Potlis come in 2 variations:


Now, both look good, but sling ones are more in fashion these days. But I would say, it's important to have a well matched Potli for the over all look and feel.

In the above Keyus dress, you can see a jacket with printed Pallazo and a matching sling potli.


If you don't want to keep too many in stock, buy a beige coloured one. It mostly works for all. In case you have color options, try using the colour which is less used in your attire, so that it doesn't merge with your dress.

A few potli designs which I liked:




from www.designerkapde.com and www.craftsvilla.com

Potlis range from anything between Rs. 200 to Rs. 5000. But, if you really don't wanna spend much on these, you may find some good deals while street shopping. I know you won't believe me till you see this:

I bought these from Chandni Chowk market in Delhi and my eyes went popping out when I heard that they are priced between Rs 100 to Rs. 400. Yeah, I know they are a steal buy. So, grab your potli and be sure to have all eyes on you. Happy Dressing and partying. Stay tuned for my next post.

Khushboo Jajodia

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  • I love the designs…the creativity…the finish….I am a loyal customer of Keyu’s :)


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