Our Story

Everybody has a story to tell - long or short, funny or serious. Keyus too has one....


Let us start by introducing ourselves -

Khushboo Jajodia - Computer Engineer and Partner at Keyus

Kunika Poddar - MBA and Partner at Keyus


Sounds off the rule book, right? Well, our education and profession is like a combination of Idli & Sauce. Both of us had gotten bored of our mundane corporate lives ( like Idli ). We wanted something more fun, creative and challenging ( Sauce ). The desire to do something different led to the humble beginning of Keyus.


The pure joy of being able to create some thing on our own propelled us to take it a step further. And so both of us took up a course in Fashion Designing. Imagine convincing your husbands to let you go back and enjoy students' life  !


And so, it's been a fun and challenging journey at Keyus till now with the graph showing an upward trend. The unconditional love of our clients keeps pushing us to design better and work harder. And, that makes the journey so much more fun !


Thank you so much for dropping by! Take a look around...


Warm Regards,
Khushboo Jajodia - Kunika Poddar